Homemade foods

We serve homemade traditional Slovenian foods. All food is freshly prepared from locally sourced ingredients.

Beef soup

Vegetable soup​

Mushroom soup

“Miha” stew (potatoes, vegetable, Carniolan sausage)

Sauerkraut and bean stew (with meat or without meat) – Jota

Barley and bean stew (with meat or without meat) – Ričet

Stew with meat, potatoes and peppers – ​Bograč

Bean stew with smoked meat – Pasulj

Beef tripe – Vampi

Veal stew

Beef goulash with polenta​

Sarme (sauerkraut, meat, rice)

“Miha” plate (pork roast, sauerkraut, buckwheat dumplings)

Roasted liver with onion​

Carniolan sausage with mustard​

Fried sausage with sauerkraut​

Buckwheat with cracklings – Žganci z ocvirki

Buckwheat dumplings – Ajdovi krapi

Homemade yogurt​


Assorted cold meat​

Rolled dumplings with ricotta – Sirovi štruklji

Rolled dumplings with walnuts – Orehovi štruklji

Apple strudel​

Cottage cheese strudel with mixed berries

Potica – ​Pehtranova potica

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